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          Welcome to ATK Chemical Company LimiteSales@ATKChemical.com
          Product Categories

          If the compound can’t be find in our Product Categories or out of our stock, please contact Sales@ANKChemical.com and talk  with the custom synthesis.  ANK Chemical have advanced technology, development and multiple analytical equipment, especially have a professional and efficient project management system and team.

          We can accept the custom synthesis services from gram to ton-class. According to the item difficulty and the quantity, we will give an appropriate delivery date which usually from 1 to 6 weeks. The progress report will be offered every week in the process.

          If you have any question, you  can contact Sales@ANKChemical.com any time.

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            Domestic Line: 
            0086-131 6700 9222
            International Line: 
            0086-156 1822 3367