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          Welcome to ATK Chemical Company LimiteSales@ATKChemical.com
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          ?上海清柳化工有限公司  is located in QingPu,Shanghai, China which is a high-tech company with the worldwide first-class ability of research and development. Our technical team composes of doctors and masters with rich developing experience. Therefore new products can be developed for customers in a short time. We have various detecting methods and advanced equipment to guarantee the quality of products. We have attached great importance to the technological innovation. A lot of senior fine chemical intermediates in the hot topics of research have been exploited. Nowadays, we have a large amount of customers from the well-known research group in the world wide range because of the high quality of our products. Especially, we focus on the development of key intermediates for organic covalent bond materials (COF), metal organic materials (MOF), organic solar cells (OSC), perovskite batteries, lithium batteries and so on. And our experts are also happy to offer custom synthesis of APIs, small molecule inhibitors and pharmaceutical intermediates. Through continuous innovation, improvement of manufacturing technologies, we promise to provide our customers with high-quality products and services.
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            0086-131 6700 9222
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            0086-156 1822 3367